5 Home gym flooring options you’ll love

5 Home gym flooring options you’ll love

With the indefinite pandemic protocols, most of us have been self-quarantining and avoiding crowded areas as much as possible. Places like the gym where numerous sweaty hands touch the same equipment are definitely out of the question. Even people who had never thought about fitness have decided to work out at home.

If you’ve decided to invest in a home gym, you probably have most of the bigger details figured out. One factor that is often overlooked is what kind of flooring to use. Don’t worry, that’s where we come in. In this article, we will cover several options and the best features of each for your home gym flooring.


Rubber is great for gyms because it’s shock absorbent, sound-proof, easy to clean, and gentle on the joints. It makes a great floor cover if you’re into resistance training or lifting heavy weights. Rubber is easy to install and can cover any existing floor without additional work. It is, however, one of the more expensive floor options. It also does not provide any insulation and is a heavy material.


Foam is great for exercises where your knees and joints will land on the floor a lot, like yoga, Pilates, or lunges. This flooring material is light, airy, and an excellent shock-absorber for exercises that require a lot of jumps, like HIIT. You have a huge range of colors to choose from to suit the color scheme of the rest of your home gym. However, foam isn’t as resilient as rubber, especially if you do heavy weight-lifting exercises. Over time, the weights will leave a mark on the foam.


Carpet can be a great idea for a gym floor, especially because most homes already have carpets in rooms. Carpet is comfortable for the joints and the back. It also gives you a whole lot of choice in terms of colors. The downside is that carpet isn’t as easy to clean as other materials. Just vacuuming won’t cut it, especially if you’re using it in a home gym. Carpets tend to trap odors and sweat, so you’ll have to deodorize and frequently clean your carpet.


Wood flooring gives any home gym an upscale, classy look. It’s also easy to clean and is available in several designs and textures. Wood is great for aerobics and kickboxing. However, wood floors can splinter if pressure is applied at the right point, like dropping weights. Additionally, wood is one of the more expensive flooring options.


Cork makes the most eco-friendly flooring. If you care about the environment, cork is the right choice for you. It provides effective insulation and is water-resistant. On the other hand, cork is easy to damage and can get torn up after a while.

Whatever flooring material you end up going with, GS Flooring has the perfect floor for you. Get in touch today and let us help create your perfect home gym.