Luxury vinyl facts: Setting the record straight on 6 lvp myths

Luxury vinyl facts: Setting the record straight on 6 lvp myths

Are you considering using luxury vinyl planks for your home or business? Whether you’re installing flooring in a new home or replacing the current flooring in your office, you can never go wrong with LVP. But if you are questioning your decision based on things you have heard about LVP, you want to make sure that what you’re hearing is true. Let’s dive into six common myths that you might hear about LVP.

1. You shouldn’t use LVP in kitchens

One myth many people believe to be true is that luxury vinyl flooring shouldn’t be used in kitchens. But LVP makes great flooring for kitchens, especially since it is water-resistant and can easily be cleaned if any messes or spills happen. Check our past blog post to discover three other rooms to use LVP.

2. Luxury vinyl flooring Is toxic

While vinyl flooring might have been toxic in the past due to poor manufacturing standards, you can no longer find any traces of cadmium, lead, or VOCs in the material. LVP is now perfectly safe for all homes and commercial properties.

3. Vinyl flooring is the same as laminate

Vinyl is not the same material as laminate flooring, but they do have similarities in structure. Luxury vinyl flooring has more flexibility to it and reacts differently to moisture than laminate flooring does.

4. LVP Is difficult to Iistall

Many people also think that luxury vinyl planks can be very difficult to install. LVP flooring is a fairly easy material to install using one of three different installation methods. One method is the tongue and groove installation, which involves clicking and locking the LVP into place on your floor. Another is the peel and stick method where you apply vinyl planks to your floor with adhesive backing. The last installation method is sheet vinyl. By rolling out sheet vinyl on your floor, you can cut it to the exact shape you need before applying it with an adhesive.

5. Vinyl flooring is expensive

Vinyl flooring is not expensive and is actually a cheaper alternative to more expensive flooring materials, such as hardwood floors. This myth exists because many people believe LVP is the same as CVT, or composite vinyl tiles, which can be more expensive than luxury vinyl flooring.

6. The top design will fade

Many people also believe that the top image or design on LVP fades over time. The image used on the top of high-quality luxury vinyl is meant to mimic other materials, but this design doesn’t fade, even with high foot traffic. LVP is sealed with a clear coat on the top of the plank to protect the top image from fading.Whether you’re trying to decide the best type of flooring material to use in your home or are trying to learn more about luxury vinyl planks, knowing what’s a myth can help you make your decision or learn more about a material you’re interested in. There are many benefits to LVP, and if you’ve decided that you want to use vinyl in your home, contact GS Flooring today. We’ll walk you through every step of the flooring process and help you install LVP into your home or business.