Top flooring materials to use for people with allergies

Top flooring materials to use for people with allergies

Did you know that the type of flooring you use in your home can affect people with allergies? Some materials are worse than others and could be the reason that your allergies act up in your home. If you suffer from allergies, it may be time to get new flooring for your home. Here are some of the best flooring materials to use for people who have allergies.

Tile and stone

When it comes to flooring options, tile and stone are very popular, especially due to their durability and different style options. But did you know they are also allergy-friendly materials? Smooth finished tile and stone are generally hypoallergenic. Polished granite or marble are also great options because they are also allergy friendly. But watch out for materials that are porous, rough, or have any sort of indentations or holes in the material. These types of tile and stone can easily trap allergens.

Hardwood floor

Hardwood flooring is another allergy-friendly material because it doesn’t collect mold, dust, or animal fur. Since it doesn’t gather these materials, it creates a cleaner air quality inside your home. Another great thing about this type of material is that you can use it in a variety of different rooms such as the kitchen, living room, dining room, and even bedrooms to create allergy-friendly spaces.

Vinyl and laminate flooring

Vinyl and laminate flooring are easy to clean and don’t trap allergens like other flooring materials. Not only are they great for those with allergies, but your options for designs and styles are limitless. You can have your vinyl or laminate flooring mimic other flooring types while choosing a pattern and color of your choice. But remember to keep in mind the type of adhesive used to install these materials in your home. Sometimes the adhesives can be a source of allergies, so you’ll want to be sure to select something that is allergy friendly.

Just like there are allergy-friendly flooring materials, there are also those that are more likely to trap allergens. One material that is never a good option for those with allergies is carpet. Carpet can easily trap dirt, moisture, dust mites, and even mold. If you suffer from allergies, consider choosing one of the allergy-friendly materials above for your home instead of carpet.

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