You’ve put the business property manager hat on and are looking to make the most of your office space. Among several factors that make an office look and feel its best is choosing the right carpet. Carpet makes one of the best types of commercial flooring; it’s comfortable, looks good, provides insulation, and keeps the noise low by dampening the endless clatter of feet in a busy office.

Here are 5 tips that can help you make the best commercial carpet choice:

1. The aesthetics

The look of an office has to match the office environment. The carpet will take up every inch of the floor, and its color and style should complement your brand identity. If you have a young, energetic workforce, you might want to be more creative with your designs, bringing vibrant colors and bold patterns into play.

When choosing the color, you also want to consider workplace traffic. If you have a bustling office and a white carpet, you may be in for a disaster. The soiling will be apparent, and it will be hard to clean. In such a case, consider getting a medium to medium-dark colored carpet.

2. Durability and cost

When it comes to a carpet, you always want to consider the quality. It’s a long-term investment, and low-grade carpet ends up incurring more costs with regular maintenance and replacements. You also want to determine the life expectancy of the carpet. Do you need it to last for 5 years or 10 or 15? Your budget will play a part as well. Get a carpet that can complement both your budget and durability requirements. The flooring professionals from GS Flooring can lead you in the right direction to match your needs.

3. Assess maintenance needs

Different carpets have different maintenance needs. Wool carpeting, for example, may look great but needs a deeper cleaning, incurring higher costs than a nylon carpet.

4. Noise absorption

One of the key benefits of having carpet flooring is sound absorption. It keeps the noise from carrying across open spaces. If you have a busy office with a large workforce or your employees need a quieter atmosphere to work in, consider getting a denser carpet.

5. Take it for a spin

Some carpets are highly stain-resistant and easier to clean than others. Some designs do a better job at hiding stains. In any case, testing the carpet samples will give you perfect clarity on how well the carpet functions. Apply some of the different kinds of stains your office space is most susceptible to the carpet sample and see how it fares.

Many factors come into play when making the ideal carpet choice. Your budget, space, and traffic all have their say, and one size does not fit all. At GS Flooring, one of our flooring professionals can help you choose the best commercial-grade carpet that matches your needs. We also can do a hassle-free carpet installation. Contact us for carpet services today!