Engineered wood flooring


Here's what engineered wood flooring can do for you

Engineered wood flooring could be just what you need for your home. It's a great way to create the look you want and the performance you need. And it's a more affordable option when compared with solid wood materials.

Taking the time to consider all the benefits of this floor covering can help you decide. Then, compare them to your list of requirements to see how they match. And when you're ready to make your decision, we'll be here to help.

Engineered wood floors cater to your decor

Engineered hardwood flooring is a great choice when you need the best decor match for any room. But, of course, the best look starts with the perfect species. And to this, you can add a stain color and textured finish.

Other facts that affect the look of your flooring include width and layout. Random width and herringbone layouts are trending right now. And they could keep you current for years, based on the outlook for their popularity.

Don't forget to check other trends that might serve you best. For example, you can start fresh with a new look if you have no matching decor. And engineered wood floors are a great way to do that.

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Engineered flooring is durable

Engineered wood flooring is perfect for extended durability and a long lifespan. They feature a backing made up of perpendicular layers of plywood, topped with a natural wood veneer. A finish and sealant are then added for the best protection.

Even in dampness and humidity, these floors will perform well. Cleaning up moisture as soon as possible is our recommendation. Avoid steam cleaners or shampooers for the best results.

With professional installation, these floors can last about 30 years. We can refinish engineered hardwood flooring once wear begins to show for a like-new look. For added durability, use area rugs or runners to keep daily wear off the surface of the flooring.

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