Why luxury vinyl plank flooring?

Luxury vinyl flooring of all kinds is becoming more popular in homes and businesses than ever, but why? As with any flooring, you might be wondering what the luxury vinyl plank pros and cons are. LVP is waterproof, easy to install, easy to clean, and scuff- and wear-resistant. But the advantages to luxury vinyl plank flooring don’t end there. High-definition printers can make LVP look just like hardwood flooring at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, LVP flooring is easier to repair and take out than most other flooring types. Lastly, because LVP is made up of several layers, LVP flooring is more soundproof than laminate flooring and provides a non-slip grip. Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) and Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) are durable and affordable flooring options that have the appearance of hardwood or stone flooring without the hassle. While being fairly new options, LVP and LVT have made names for themselves as dominant leaders in the flooring industry. Luxury vinyl planks generally last up to 20 years with proper maintenance and look almost identical to solid hardwood flooring. LVP is made up of many layers, typically with an underlayment that makes the floor more comfortable and more insulated. These layers make the vinyl stay stronger for longer without the curling edges that home and business owners fear. Depending on your LVP, your flooring can be textured or smooth, but in either case, it’s very durable. Additionally, you have options as to if you want glue-down or click-together LVP. When you want the best luxury vinyl plank in Utah, come visit us at GS Flooring!

LVP types

When you’re wanting the best luxury vinyl plank flooring, we have a large selection for you to look through in our showroom. Find the right type of LVP flooring for you in look, durability, and cost at GS Flooring. Here are three LVP types we offer: Expanded polymer core This type of LVP flooring has tiny pockets of air to give the flooring better acoustics and a less-resistant step. You can add a backing to expanded polymer core LVP flooring to make it even softer on your feet. Engineered vinyl plank Engineered vinyl planks mimic the look and texture of real hardwood flooring flawlessly. These planks are also easy to install and stay in place. Solid polymer core Solid polymer-core plank flooring is harder, but it can help stabilize temperatures in a room. You typically can place this type of flooring without glue or other adhesives, which makes it easy to work with if you’re planning on DIY flooring.

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LVP pros

There are a lot of reasons why luxury vinyl planks are an excellent option for flooring in your home or commercial space. Here are a few: It’s cost-effective. While price varies across varieties of LVP flooring, it’s a much more economical option than traditional hardwood finishes, as upfront costs, lifespan maintenance, and upkeep are significantly less expensive. For any significant amount of space that needs flooring, the savings could easily add up to thousands of dollars. You won’t be able to see the difference. Luxury vinyl planks are manufactured using ultra-high definition printers that can mimic the grain of natural wood almost perfectly. By looks alone, LVP is nearly identical to traditional hardwood flooring. It’s durable. LVP is tough and can stand up to all the wear and tear that can come from kids, pets, furniture, high heels, and more. Its stain-resistance and impact-resistance mean that, with the right kind of care, it will look new for years to come. There’s a wide variety of finishes available. Although LVP is relatively new to the market compared to some other types of flooring, you’ll find no shortage of colors, patterns, and finishes. With specific varieties to match almost any kind of hardwood, it’s easy to match the perfect flooring to your home and decor. Installation is easy. Laying a wooden or tile floor takes some serious know-how, but the installation process for LVP is comparatively easy, making it a good option for DIYers. The planks are designed to snap together and lock in place, meaning there’s no need for nails or a hammer. Once you get the hang of it, the process is quick and easy. It’s waterproof. This is a big one. Unlike laminate or hardwood, LVP is made of 100% synthetic materials and is completely waterproof. This means it’s appropriate for bathrooms, laundry rooms, mudrooms, kitchens, and damp basements, and can be cleaned with water or soapy liquid. Even if submerged in water, LVP won’t swell or warp.

LVP cons

Although LVP is a great choice for many individuals, it’s important to have the full picture before making a decision. It can fade over time. Many varieties of LVP flooring are not UV-ray resistant, which means the planks’ coloring will fade over time if exposed to direct sunlight. Think through how this factor will affect your space if your home has a lot of natural light. It won’t add significant value to your home. As much as it may look like hardwood flooring, at the end of the day, it’s a different material and that will be noted by a realtor. Most people don’t find this an issue, but it’s good to be aware of if you’re planning on selling your home soon. Wheelchair users won’t find it ideal. Because of its snap-in installation design, the individual planks in LVP flooring may shift a bit if a wheelchair frequently moves over it.
Luxury vinyl flooring in St. George, UT from GS Flooring


LVP and LVT are very similar flooring types. Both are affordable and waterproof, but there are some key differences between them, particularly in appearance. Luxury vinyl planks are specifically designed to look like hardwood in texture and appearance. Alternatively, luxury vinyl tiles can mimic the appearance of wood, ceramic, or stone flooring.

Why choose LVP from GS Flooring?

Choose beautiful waterproof floors from GS Flooring’s luxury vinyl plank selection. These durable floors offer a luxury look that’s easy to clean and maintain. Our large inventory of LVP is full of different varieties, colors, and textures, so you’ll get the exact look you want for your residential or commercial floors. Let the professionals take care of your luxury vinyl plank installation in Southern Utah including St. George and the surrounding areas. Come visit our St. George showroom to see for yourself all the wonderful makeovers you can give your flooring with LVP! Contact us at GS Flooring today to learn more about our LVP selection and installation services.