Why laminate flooring?

Laminate has several things going for it as a flooring contender. It’s extremely durable as it is engineered from genuine wood. It’s also protected by a surface of hard, transparent coating to protect against scratches and damage. Additionally, laminate is low maintenance when it comes to cleaning, and it’s softer to walk on than hardwood floors. Laminate also retains heat. Due to current technologies, laminate can look more realistic because of the three-dimensional embossing on its surface. These accurate images of the wood material make your laminate flooring look like the costlier hardwood alternative. When you want to update your flooring, laminate is an attractive option you don’t want to rule out. With all the grace of traditional hardwood or stone flooring, laminate is easier to maintain and clean. If you’re searching for laminate flooring in St. George, UT, come see our huge selection at GS Flooring! Laminate flooring is similar to luxury vinyl planks in terms of appearance and method of installation. However, laminate’s core is made from genuine hardwood byproducts bonded with resins. While this carries many benefits, it also means the material is not waterproof and can easily be damaged by water exposure. The wood or stone look of your laminate flooring is placed onto the core layer and then capped by a protective coating to keep the appearance exquisite.

Laminate types

Since laminate flooring is placed on top of the wood core, there’s a huge variety of types available. You can pick your laminate flooring based on surface type, installation type, and color. Waterproof laminate Unless expressly stated, laminate flooring isn’t waterproof. However, you can get waterproof laminate that utterly blocks out water and other moisture from entering the laminate. These types are also stain- and scratch-resistant. Laminate wood This type of laminate gives you the look of real hardwood flooring without the associated installation costs. Additionally, you can mix and match colors and grain designs of woods to give your floors a very unique look.

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Laminate styles

Laminate prints can be made to look like nearly any type of wood or stone. This makes a variety of laminate colors available at your fingertips, from gray, brown, white, to multi-color. Here are some of the most common laminate styles: High gloss High-gloss laminate flooring gives your faux wood a brilliant sheen that makes it look freshly waxed. Embossed There are two kinds of embossed laminate: typical and embossed-in-register. Both options give your flooring a more realistic texture than the high-gloss style does. Hand-scraped Also known as distressed, hand-scraped flooring is designed to make the wood of your laminate flooring look more antique by giving it a bit more texture.

Why choose laminate from GS Flooring?

Laminate flooring in St. George, UT, has never been so accessible. If you want quality flooring that withstands scratches and fading without the costs of solid hardwood flooring, laminate is an excellent way to go. The variety of colors, designs, and textures that laminate floors offer will open a world of possibilities for your interior. If you have your heart set on installing laminate flooring yourself, GS Flooring sells the necessary equipment and materials so you can get the job done. If, however, you’d rather have a professional team do the installation, we also do laminate flooring installations for your home or business in St. George, Utah. Call us to learn more about our laminate flooring selection or visit our showroom in St. George to find the quality service and flooring that GS Flooring is known for.