Why carpet?

Carpet is a classic flooring choice for a reason. It’s easy to install, soft, inexpensive, and can block sound. Additionally, carpets can help regulate a room’s temperature by a few degrees, keeping you a little cooler in the summer and a little warmer in the winter. Carpets are a versatile element that can enhance a room’s design, not to mention that they come in hundreds of colors, textures, and patterns to fit your unique tastes. Are you tired of searching for the perfect carpet to put in your home or office? We have a large selection for you to peruse in our spacious showroom. Are you not sure what kind of carpet you want or if you even want carpet? We’re here to help! Whether you’re looking to put carpet in a new home, or your office needs some fresh flooring, GS Flooring is your go-to for finding the perfect carpet in St. George. We work with several well-known brands to provide you with one of the largest selections of carpeting in the city! Our carpet inventory is well-stocked, and we offer many carpet types that you can take out the door with you if you find one you like in our showroom.

Carpet types

It’s good to know the different varieties that carpet comes in before deciding on which carpet you want so you can pick one that fits your aesthetic and flooring needs. Nylon Nylon is the most popular type of carpet by far—this type of carpet packs a double punch by being durable and fashionable. These carpets come in a huge variety of colors and textures while still being able to last for years. Polyester Polyester carpets are a popular choice for areas that are off the beaten path or that are prone to spills because polyester naturally repels liquid. With their low maintenance, polyester carpets give you more bang for your buck! Olefin Also known as polypropylene, olefin carpets are excellent in offices and basements because they are naturally resistant to moisture and stains. Olefin carpets lead the way in durability. Additionally, olefin fibers can be bleached, which makes them easy to clean. SmartStrand These carpets are made of polymers that have stain-resistant properties. Because of this, SmartStrand carpets have proven superior durability and inherent stain resistance to permanently keep your carpets clean and in good condition.

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Carpet styles

There are three main styles of carpet that work well for a variety of lifestyles and locations. Loop Carpets with a loop style have each fiber wound in a loop. Loop carpets are exceptionally durable and great for kids because they’re stain-resistant. The Loop style is broken down into Berber or level-loop carpets and multi-level loop carpets that have loops of different heights to create a pattern. Cut Pile Cut Pile carpets have the tops of the fibers trimmed, so no loops remain. These carpets are typically softer and denser than loop carpets, but it depends on the carpet. There are five common types of Cut Pile carpet: plush, Saxony, textured cut, frieze, and cable. Cut and Loop Cut and Loop is the best of both worlds in the carpet style arena. These carpets are made up of loops and longer cut pieces working together to hide stains and everyday wear. Because of the mixed nature of the fibers, these carpets often have patterns and designs in them.

Why choose carpet from GS Flooring?

At GS Flooring, we’ve been in the St. George carpet business for over 25 years. We have the experience you can trust to get you the highest quality materials at the best prices. We’re locally owned and operated, so if you’re searching for “carpet places near me” in St. George, look no further. We’re staffed with a professional team that will take the time you need to work with your ideas, price range, and tastes before you choose the right carpet. Our large inventory is well-stocked and most of our carpets are available to take with you. If you want a carpet that we don’t have in stock, we’ll even order it for you! Whether you’re a professional contractor with a dozen carpet installations under your belt or if you’re doing it yourself for the first time, GS Flooring is here to help! We offer all the necessary supplies to install a carpet on your own, and we provide carpet installation services too. Give us a call or visit our showroom in St. George today to find exceptional service and the best carpets at the best prices. “This is absolutely the best place to buy carpet. One of the best experiences I had while building my house. The price was great and the installers were fantastic. We love our carpet” ~MARC MANUELE