Installing hardwood in your home can be an investment. Not only is the material itself more expensive than materials such as carpet, laminate, or vinyl, but there is also the cost of installation. Luckily, there are ways to help save money on hardwood floors. Follow these six tips for saving money on your hardwood floors:

1. Plan a budget

When you decide it’s time to upgrade your home with hardwood, the first thing you should do is plan your budget. If you stick to your budget, it will help you figure out what type of wood you can afford and how much of your home will receive the new flooring.

2. Find a reliable contractor

Once you’ve set your budget, start looking for a contractor that can help you get what you want while staying within your price range. Don’t just look into one contractor and decide they are perfect for the job. It may take some time but look into several contractors to get a good idea of your options and quotes. If you take the time to find the right contractor for the job, you’ll come out happier with your finished project.

3. Divide your home up

If you can’t afford to replace all the floors in your entire home all at once, consider dividing your home up into different zones. If your home has two levels, start with the lower level. Divide it into two or three zones, work on one zone one at a time, then make your way to the upper level.

4. Consider purchasing the flooring yourself

Instead of going through your contractor to purchase the wood for your flooring, consider going to a wholesale company and making the purchase yourself. This can help save you money on a large deposit that contractors may require for them to make the purchase for you.

5. Look into alternatives

If you still can’t wrap your head around the price of brand-new materials, look into your other options. Often, you can find reclaimed flooring that came from another home at a much cheaper price, or you can look into manufacturer seconds, discontinued flooring, overruns, and orders canceled by other customers.

6. Plan for maintenance

You can also save money by prolonging the life of hardwood floors. While hardwood is extremely durable and can last for a very long time, it won’t do so without proper maintenance. Take the proper precautions to make sure your hardwood lasts for as long as possible, such as laying down rugs, using hardwood cleaners, and removing shoes when in the house.

When you’re ready to start investing in hardwood floors, make sure to follow these six tips to save as much money as possible. To make the process even easier, work with reliable and experienced flooring companies to get the job done, like GS Flooring in St. George, Utah. At GS Flooring, you can find quality hardwood material and installation at an affordable price. Contact GS Flooring today for more information!