Natural stone flooring FAQs

Natural stone flooring FAQs

Natural stone flooring offers impressive visuals, durability, and lifespan. When you need the best flooring results, this is a fantastic choice.

These floors are perfect for every room in your home, offering something for every home. And here are some frequently asked questions for your consideration.

Consider these questions and their answers

1. Are natural stone floors durable?

Natural stone flooring offers impressive durability, especially with a professional installation. However, each stone provides specific characteristics, so some may be more durable than others.

2. How long do stone floors last?

The answer varies from stone to stone, but some stone floor tiles last about 100 years. A professional installation and regular care help these floors reach their lifespan.

3. Do stone floors need to be sealed?

Not all stone types need sealing, but some do. For those materials that require a sealant, they need resealing every 6 to 12 months.

4. What colors are available in natural stone?

Depending on the stone you choose, you'll find almost every color. These hues are deep, rich, and offer added veining and texture for outstanding results.

5. Does natural stone flooring need grouting?

If using natural stone tiles, you can use grout if you prefer. But we can also install these tiles without grout, with excellent results.

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